SAP Supply Chain Planning

Operational efficiency is dependent on the ability to find the right balance between quality customer service and inventory levels. Traditional planning methods produce aggregate calculations that are not reflective of the detailed demand, and often lead to misaligned stock across the supply chain. By integrating the Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning in your SAP environment we can balance volume, complexity, and variability to achieve optimum performance.

Demand Planning

ITA Data Solutions delivers an end-to-end demand planning engine inside SAP without the need for data extraction. It combines “traditional” midterm and long-term planning based on industry-standard statistical methods, with the possibility to run more accurate demand sensing models to improve your forecast accuracy for your short-term planning horizon. The solution combines automated, exception-based planning processes, as well as manual planning capabilities, within a familiar spreadsheet format interface. Demand planning solutions from ITA Data enable end-to-end planning scenarios to gain full visibility throughout demand, inventory, or supply for strategic decision-making.

MRP Optimization

With our Operations module, you can navigate through your day-to-day business and be sure to make smart and solid decisions in materials planning. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts, all MRP-relevant information can be retrieved and displayed. The user navigates through his day-to-day business and can be sure to take smart and solid decisions in materials planning.

All requirements of MRP controllers are covered from a central cockpit. Users can access relevant information from the tool without the need to call various other applications. This creates about 40% time-saving in daily work and employees can work more efficiently. The pay-off time is short, not only with regard to time-savings but also thanks to transparency and the accompanying reduction in warehouse stock.

Inventory Controlling

GIB Controlling helps you optimize your stock for the long term – while expending the minimum amount of time. Industry-specific rule-based systems may be based on however many dimensions you prefer, such as delivery groups, product lifecycles like LRODI, intrinsic value (ABC), consistency (XYZ), and much more. These sets of rules can be implemented as pre-defined industry content in GIB Controlling. Pre-configuration shortens the time to market and results in an increased degree of effectiveness.

With the GIB Controlling Dashboard, stock and scheduling and parts controlling can be carried out in a single, central application. By specifying certain measured quantities such as capital turnover and range, when you apply an automated set of rules, you get the optimal recommendation for the planning Parameters.