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ITA DATA Solutions delivers a cross-departmental plan balancing the impact of product mix, inventory, service levels, and profitability. We further align sales and operations plans to corporate strategy and goals to drive revenue growth, increase market share, and attain financial targets.

Business Challenges

• Disparate data sources, perspectives and disconnected processes

• Siloed planning with functional goals

• Ad hoc collaboration via email and Excel

• Planning decisions made without considering supply chain constraints and profitability

Key Features

• Group your planning objects based on data and thereby increase user efficiency and planning accuracy.

• Analyze the accuracy of your past consensus demand forecasts by calculating error measures based on actual sales data.

• Generate an infinite supply plan with no shortages for your consensus demand, and identify supply and capacity bottlenecks. Carry out manual capacity leveling to solve potential supply issues and to create a feasible, constrained demand plan.

• Gather demand input from various sources like sales, marketing, and finance, and generate a single consensus demand plan for measuring current volume and financial target achievement.

Business Benefits

• Improve the speed, agility and accuracy of sales and operations planning

• Optimize product profitability and product mix, given supply and financial constraints

• Minimize costs by managing inventory levels and discover new opportunities for cost savings