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Master the uncertainty in your supply chain! ITA Data Solutions improves the efficiency of your inventory investment, buffering more risk at lower cost. SAP sets inventory targets for your planners using best-in-class multi-echelon inventory optimization, improving your service levels while using 10-30% less investment in buffer stock. Make an S&OP-level decision, and have updated inventory targets to the planners the same day using SAP’s Integrated Business Planning for inventory.

Business Challenges

• High or uncontrolled inventory levels

• Inadequate customer service levels or inventory availability

• Multiple inventory planning and target setting processes

Key Features

• Group your planning objects based on data and thereby increase user efficiency and planning accuracy.

• Determine the optimal inventory levels to drive supply planning, maximize customer service levels, and minimize working capital investments.

• Optimize multi-stage inventory targets to most efficiently meet or exceed customer service levels, fully considering uncertainties like forecast error and supply uncertainty.

Business Benefits

• Improve customer service levels

• Maximize the efficiency of inventory and working capital

• Improve planner productivity, standardize planning processes

• Standardize the inventory target-setting process at each tier within the supply chain to feed operational plans

• Reduce production and distribution costs