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Delivering more accurate demand plans for better planning and execution processes

ITA Data Solutions, Inc. delivers an end to end demand planning engine, combining “traditional” mid-to long term planning based on statistical methods with the possibility to run more accurate demand sensing models to improve your forecast accuracy for your short term planning horizon. The solution combines automated, exception-based planning processes as well as manual planning capabilities, and based on a user-friendly Microsoft Excel interface. Demand planning solutions from ITA Data Solutions enable end-to-end planning scenarios e.g. to gain full visibility throughout demand, inventory or supply for strategic decision making. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with SAP ERP to receive necessary master and transactional data and send the improved forecasts back for further processing.

Business Challenges

•  Poor forecast accuracy

•  Inefficient operations

•  Low service levels and excess inventory

•  High market volatility

•  Variation in demand is increasing

•  Lean supply chains

Key Features

•  Automated alerts to monitor situations where the forecast accuracy are not met

•  Demand sensing algorithms identify and adjust short term forecast using pattern recognition

•  Collaborate and communicate to ensure the most accurate forecast

Business Benefits

•  Build a single comprehensive demand plan, integrated with the consensus forecasting process

• Improve service levels, reduce stock-outs and lower expediting costs through more accurate daily forecasts

• Reduce inventory targets by lowering forecast error

• Anticipate plan deviations via embedded analytics