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Optimize Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations

Both shippers and logistics service providers must streamline material flow by tightening warehouse and distribution center operations. The SAP® Extended Warehouse Management application can help enhance your inventory and storage management processes and support goods movement by all modes of transportation. And it fits neatly into a comprehensive platform strategy for supply chain execution.

There’s a lot of talk in industry today about the need for convergence in supply chain execution. Rather than simply joining other vendors in moving to integrate disparate existing solutions, SAP has responded to the push for convergence with a comprehensive platform strategy. We’ve integrated the SAP Transportation Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, and SAP Event Management applications and the entire SAP Connected Logistics package specifically to help you orchestrate warehousing and logistics as part of this elegant and compelling vision for end-to-end execution. Warehousing operations can no longer succeed as a functional silo, in which the focus is solely on internal procedures. Only by integrating all aspects of material flow can companies accelerate order fulfillment cycles and reduce total cost of operations.

Managing Inbound Processing

SAP Extended Warehouse Management makes short work of a wide array of core inbound processes:

• Data receiving and validation for advanced shipping notifications (ASNs)
• Goods receipt and receipt optimization
• Direct receipt from production
• Put away and put-away bin determination
• Internal routing
• Deconsolidation
• Returns management, also for e-commerce
• Transportation unit management

Controlling Storage & Internal Processes

With SAP Extended Warehouse Management, you can also optimize all the activities that help manage goods in inventory and move them within the warehouse:

• Rearrangement
• Slotting
• Inventory counts
• Verification of record accuracy
• Replenishment
• Freight order management
• Scrapping
• Kitting to stock
• Warehouse billing

Fine-tuning Outbound Processes

Core processes for outbound delivery orchestration in SAP Extended Warehouse Management include:

• Order deployment
• Route determination
• Transportation unit management
• Wave management
• Picking bin determination Warehouse order creation
• Work assignment
• Picking, packing, and staging
• Loading and goods issue
• Kitting to order
• Direct outbound delivery
• Production supply
• Production staging and consumption
• Shipping