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Optimized Purchasing Operations

With our Operations module you can navigate though your day-to-day business and be sure to make smart and solid decisions in materials planning. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts, all MRP-relevant information can be retrieved and displayed. The user navigates through his day-to-day business and can be sure to take smart and solid decisions in materials planning.

Within the period details displayed are all relevant pieces of information such as receipts and issues, requirements, planned orders, etc. can be presented in a timeline. This timeline can be drilled down to day, week or month and displayed both on the level of individual materials and for a material group as well.  In addition, conversions of both planned orders and purchase requisitions can be triggered directly from one single user interface. Inventory key figures, which may differ considerably according to company, can also be visualized.

Business Challenges

•  Multiple SAP transaction needed to get a full picture of supply and demand

• Complex transactions drive the use of manual spreadsheets

• Lack of visibility into changing stock levels creates missed buying opportunities

Key Features

•  Transparent, clearly structured display of exception messages, missing part situations, and purchasing-specific information

•  Access to information on master data, inventories, and MRP information via simple layout changes

•  Identification and control of critical materials with the use of an early-recognition system

•  Implementation of individual parameters and alerts

Business Benefits

•  Time-saving material requirements planning through the provision of aggregated information and the possibility to trigger a multitude of transactions from one single screen

•  Improve buyer and planner efficiency (less transactions and key strokes)

•  20+ transactions consolidated into one central cockpit

•  Eliminate the use of off-line, manual spreadsheets

•  Improve buying effectiveness, maximizing vendor contracts and volume discounts

•  Bottom line impacts

•  Less time & effort – grow without adding headcount

•  Lower material costs

Benefits of a central cockpit
All requirements of MRP controllers are covered from a central cockpit. Users can access relevant information from the tool without the need to call various other applications. This creates about 40% time saving in daily work and employees can work more efficiently. The pay-off time is short, not only with regard to time-savings but also thanks to transparency and accompanying reduction in warehouse stock.