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Maximize Production Resource Utilization

With G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit Planning you obtain a tabular planning table for an optimum capacity planning and sequencing of production, process, maintenance, service and planned orders. A clear overview of networks and run schedule quantities in the field of repetitive manufacturing is ensured as well. By drag and drop non-dispatched orders can be dispatched in a simulation mode and checked for feasibility within a graphical display of the capacity situation before conversion. Necessary capacity adjustments, e.g. because of breakdowns, company vacation or extra shifts, can be taken into account fast and easily and presented with their effects.

The integration of classic application functions is provided as well. Without any problems topics such as conversion, release and print of planned orders, scheduling, confirmation, exception message, missing parts situations, global availability, COGI processing, etc. can thus be detected, used and completed. Due to integration into SAP, data will always be up-to-date and online. With G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit Planning capacity loads for the area, the area group, the department and for the whole plant can be inspected in hierarchy structures at a glance.

Business Challenges

•  Limited flexibility in standard SAP resulting in offline spreadsheet planning

•  Inability to schedule and sequence based on characteristics

•  Lack of integration between production and maintenance activities

Key Features

• Adjust production to match demand

• Re-sequence schedules to maximize utilization & through put

• Identify missing parts and procurement priorities

• Schedule maintenance activities

• Execute procurement to meet production and inventory targets

Business Benefits

• Flexible, intelligent scheduling tools

• Group and sequence based on key characteristics

  • • Simulations using real time data
  • • No wasted time & effort moving data into and out of SAP
  • • Simple, familiar navigation
  • • Easy to adopt and understand