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ShipERP Sales Order Entry

Sales Order Integration Module enhances the ShipERP™ shipping solution by adding freight rating and carrier mode/service determination at the time of sales order entry directly in standard SAP Sales Order entry screens (VA01/VA02/VA03). This allows sales entry personnel and customer service representatives capabilities such as, packing proposal evaluation, freight rating, optimize rating, carrier option selection, carrier/service manual selection, billing option selection, line item rating, tracking and proof of delivery and more!


• Full carrier and carrier service selection at shipping point or ship-set level

• Selectable carrier options at ship-set level

• Carrier Determination at sales order

• Carrier selection at sales order line item level

• Billing option determination

• Rate quoting across multiple carriers at Sales Order level

• Rate quoting at a shipping point level – multiple shipping point capability

• Track & Trace within SAP native sales order (VA02)

• Proof of Delivery within SAP native sales order (VA02)

• Create packing proposal

ShipERP AuditERP

Companies unnecessarily outsource the freight auditing functionality due to the perceived complexity of the process. With the right auditing tool the process becomes efficient, accurate and alleviates the complexity. That is where AuditERP™ can help! By comparing freight invoicing that is electronically transmitted or manually uploaded to transactional shipping data that is stored in ShipERP™, AuditERP™ provides an integrated process within SAP® for the reviewing and approving transportation invoices. The solution delivers a toolset to monitor and control transportation costs such as line-haul charges, weight surcharges, oversize surcharges, assessorial charges, fuel surcharges and drayage fees to name a few.

With AuditERP™ as part of your logistics management process you will the visibility to your logistics costs and the ability to make the best use of the transportation resources. AuditERP™ is completely compatible with SAP ERP and ShipERP™.


• Custom IDOC integration for EDI invoicing

• Automatic invoice file upload capabilities for Excel format

• Freight Audit process has header and line item functionality

• Ability to set dispute statuses for discrepancies found

• Ability to report discrepancies back to carriers

• Released invoices automatically to create accounting document

• Built in formal approval process

• Ability to set approval status by operations group

ShipERP Supplier Portal

SupplierPortal™ is a web portal solution that allows suppliers to see purchase orders assigned to them using a web browser or mobile device. By accessing the portal, the supplier can search/lookup purchases orders, provide order acknowledgements, confirm on delivery dates, enter freight information, generate a shipment notifications, create carrier shipments on purchasers account and generate inbound delivery. By using the portal solution companies can standardize on a process that all suppliers must use. This standardization helps with the collaboration between trading partners, provides better visibility and helps control freight costs.


• Supplier can access into SAP system using any web browser

• Ability to perform dashboard reporting within CarrierPortal

• Perform standard ShipERP™ reporting

• Purchase Orders are created in SAP

• Shipment creation with carrier

• Supplier able to view Purchase Orders Assigned

• Purchase Order acknowledgement functionality

• Tracking and Proof of Delivery can be performed in Inbound Delivery (VL33N)

• Carrier determination based on business rules

• Supplier can enter estimated delivery date, freight weight and dimension.

• Shipping notification is set and the Inbound Delivery is created