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Are you ready for your next SAP license audit?  Do you know which licenses are underutilized (or not at all) and which are overutilized?  Do you know your options for licenses that are not being used?  Do you understand your financial risk exposure with the new SAP Indirect Access licensing model

With ITA Data, we will optimize your direct license usage and identify areas for risk to the new Indirect Access licensing and provide ways to reduce that risk before being approached by your SAP account team.

What is Indirect Access licensing?

In April 2018, SAP announced it will offer a new model for sales, license audits and pricing that will serve as an alternative to its decades-old approach of charging customers by the number of users accessing its software.

The new pricing model, known as “indirect access” covers the increasing use of SAP products with non-SAP systems, running automated processes in the cloud or handling machine-to-machine transactions by internet-connected devices or sensors.

The problem for many SAP customers is that they don’t know whether they are correctly licensed or not.  Customers with potential indirect access issues should review their existing SAP licenses and deployments, assess their potential exposure, and develop a strategy for addressing these issues in light of the new pricing model.

Now is the time to act.  Do not wait for SAP to call before you know your risk to the new licensing changes.