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ShipERP AES Module

For U.S Companies exporting goods valued at more than $2,500, the United States Foreign Trade Regulations require that export information be electronically filed through the Automated Export System (AES). The Electronic Export Information (EEI), formerly known as the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), serves the dual purpose of providing export statistics and export control. This exportation documentation reports all pertinent export data of a transaction. Until now the only way to file the export information was through the Census Bureau’s web-based system called AESDirect.

The ShipAES™ solution provides companies running SAP ERP the ability to automate the filing of export information during the shipping process. ShipAES™ validates at a delivery or shipment level to ensure the export compliance. Upon compliance the filing is submitted to AESDirect for approval.


Native SAP Integration – “Built-In vs Bolt-on” SAP Integration

EEI Filing – EEI filing submission for shipment

EEI Monitoring – Continually checks status of External Transaction Number (XTN) and Internal Transaction Number (ITN)

EEI Reporting – Concise transaction number reporting in shipment

Foreign Trade Regulations – Ensures compliancy with U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations regarding exportation

Penalties Prevention – Prevention of penalties and fines

ShipERP Denied Parties Screening Module

ERP Integrated Solutions has partnered with MK Data Services to provide a “Denied Parties Screening” solution that is both efficient and cost effective. ShipDPS™ has been written to function seamlessly (native integration) within SAP. Web Service calls are used to access MK Data Services to check the various certified Denied Party Listings in real-time. This unique interface provides the capability to determine a denied party at Sales Order creation in SAP. This prevents the wasted process, labor and time to check further downstream in your logistics flow and then only to stop the shipment. If there is a long lead time from Sales Order to physical shipment then a secondary screening can be done at Delivery Order creation.

The ShipDPS™ solution will execute a “Delivery Block” for a shipment to any receiving party that matches to the “Denied Party Lists”. The screening process is done against all identified parties/entities to the shipment and any related subsidiary and parent companies that are affiliated. A detailed reason for the denial is also indicated as part of the review against these listings. MK Data Services constantly reviews and updates their listings from the certified sources so our customers can be confident they are in compliance with this law.


Government Certified – Denied parties screening against MK Data Services government certified lists

Pre-check Functionality – Configurable pre-check functionality to screen prior to making web service call

Shipping Prevention – Prevention of shipping based on screening checks

Detail Listing – Detail listing of reason for denial of shipment

Order & Delivery Level – Integration at sales order & delivery level

False Match Recognition – Detect false selection of receiving party, name spelling, etc.

Dashboard – Quick access to dashboard for transaction management

Historical Repository – Historical repository of all denied party transactions

Robust Reporting – Report of shipments & work flow process to assist resolution