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Those companies who respond to digital transformation with modern tools are seeing both better financial performance, and employees who feel more connected to the business.

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We all see how digital transformation is upending business models, redefining industries, and changing the way businesses interact with their customers, their partners, and their employees. At ITA Data Solutions, we want to make sure all our customers are taking advantage of the innovation, insights, actions, and user experience that digital transformation empowers and demands.

SAP is the backbone of your business— from sales to operations and from financials to supply chain. But even for business-critical technology like your SAP implementation, you expect and even desire change. You’re adapting to changing business needs or planning for SAP’s mandatory transition to HANA-only support in 2025, or you’re looking for ways to lower the costs and improve the performance of your SAP deployment. Whether you are part of a one million or a one-billion-dollar business, managing change with your traditional IT solutions is a challenge.

In today’s evolving IT landscape, companies are planning their next moves when it comes to business-critical applications. Specifically, they are planning these steps around their SAP environment, which supports core business processes for some of the world’s largest organizations. When it comes to supply chain optimization, different roadmaps are regularly being assembled and developed in order to properly transform traditionally solutions in to world-class engines for insight, innovation and customer experience.

At ITA Data, a comprehensive set of services and tools are available within the Insite2Action program to help make each cloud migration + digital transformation journey smooth and low risk. These include:

  1.     Predefined configuration accelerators, process libraries, and integration and data migration tools
  2.     Creation of a personalized road map for the digital transformation journey
  3.     Business case support that demonstrates the ROI for the company
  4.     Attractive commercial terms that reflect existing investments

By providing clear guidance, predictable outcomes, and faster time to value, ITA’s services and tools for digital transformation help customers ease the migration to cloud-based or integrated solutions. Rethink and simplify the cloud and digital transformation with standardized and streamlined business processes.