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This past May, SAP announced its new Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP).  With this announcement, SAP is implementing a program that is intended to provide better clarity to SAP customers when addressing the impact of the Indirect / Digital Access licensing model.

At ITA Data Solutions we have discovered that a majority of the companies we interact with do not know about, or have a solid understanding of, Digital Access.  Especially, in regard to how Digital Access is calculated and licensed.  In our experience, most companies have some form of Indirect / Digital Access.  However, understanding if that access needs to be licensed and what those licenses will cost requires investigation and analysis.

The team at ITA Data Solutions has developed the SAP Private License Audit Program.  This new program works with you, confidentially, to perform a private audit of all your license usage, both direct human access and indirect / digital access.  Through this audit we identify areas of license under and over utilization, opportunities for license balancing and especially any indirect / digital access exposure your organization might have.  Understanding the whole licensing picture allows the ITA team to recommend the best options to reduce the risk of a costly SAP license audit.

As part of the DAAP program, SAP is encouraging customers to become compliant with their licensing by offering financial incentives for the next year to those customers who identify and choose to adopt Digital Access licensing.

ITA Data Solutions is that confidential partner who will help your origination understand any licensing risks before an official SAP audit and can guide you on ways to best mitigate that risk or be financially prepared before an eventual audit.


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